“I'm sitting at a beautifully decorated table in a disused 1960's railway carriage in Deptford, eating one of the best meals I've eaten this year. An hour earlier I arrived not knowing a soul yet I found myself in some fantastic company and its all thanks to Grub London - a collaboration between architect Sam Cooper and his old schoolfriend chef Matt Klose.” Nikki Spencer (food columnist The Guide)

Deptford Project / Summer Solstice Banquets 

Our first event will always hold a special place in Matts heart. As a local resident he wanted to launch Grub London (before it became Klose & Soan!) in Deptford, and what better place than the colourful Deptford Project railway carriage? Embracing the idea of sharing platters of the gorgeous variety of Summer produce available, we put together a colourful menu sourced from local suppliers, and also began our long term collaboration with independent wine suppliers Indigo wine.

  • Summer vegetable garden w/ goats curd, black olive & rye bread crumb, orange, hazelnut and herbs
  • Poached sea trout w/ pickled courgette & samphire salad, pea puree & a duck egg and caper mayonnaise
  • Glazed belly of Blythe Burgh w/ a herb mayonnaise, blackened onions and nasturtiums
  • Roasted apricots w/ almond granola, lime granita & sheeps yogurt
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