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A great sociable and informal way of eating, our buffet menu's are designed for people to help themselves from our large vintage platters. Please see a few dishes from each section of our buffet menu and email us through our contact  page for the menu & any questions you may have.


Lamb kofte, roast tomato sauce, preserved lemon, almonds & coriander 

Pork shoulder, black pudding, chorizo & smoked paprika stew with an apple & fennel salsa 

Smoked beef short rib, grilled onions, pearl barley & green sauce *see picture below


Pollock, curry leaf & coconut curry, coriander chutney & a flat bread 

Cuttle fish & chickpea stew, aioli & gremolata

Poached Salmon, dill pickled cucumber & mayonnaise 


Celeriac & Stichleton gratin, chicory, pickled pear & walnuts 

Roast Delica pumpkin, spring onion, jerk dressing & sour cream

Salt baked beetroot, chard, garlic yoghurt & crispy onions 


Shredded white cabbage, apple, toasted almonds, ricotta & dill oil 

Roast & pickled pear, walnut, parsely & chicory with a Stichleton dressing & croutons

Winter veg & coriander slaw, chipotle mayo dressing

See here and here for previous inspirational buffet ideas.

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